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With our experience both in Turkey and abroad, our company was established in 2006 for mechanical installation projects and technical consultancy. Until today, we have serviced about design and consultancy of heating, cooling, air conditioning, sanitary and fire fighting installations for buildings having areas of various use like residence, touristic facilities, shopping malls, Office buildings and industiral facilities.

Our main objectives about our service are as follows :

  • Finding the most convenient and functional solution regarding to architecture
  • Providing the best comfort conditions related to operating conditions.
  • Designing the optimum capacities.
  • Making reliable and long life projects.
  • Establishing systems with easy maintenance.
  • Designing both easy and fast applicable systems.
  • Making designs friendly with people and environment.
  • Providing systems suitable for expansion and revision.

The intersection point of coordinates in design is Eksen Project and Engineering Ltd. Co